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This is my laboratory at the Balaton Limnological Research Institute in Tihany. We have intracellular current- and voltage-clamp amplifiers for measuring membrane potential and ionic currents and extracellular amplifiers to record nerve activity. The system is equipped with two computers, one of them performs data acquisition, generates input waveforms while the other is running the dynamic clamp.

Together with my colleagues we have been studying long-term dynamical behavior, pattern generation and plasticity of the neural networks of the mollusc Lymnaea stagnalis. We also investigate the biohphysical properties of identified neurons, synapses and their modulation by a range of signal molecules such as peptides and citokines.
The other picture shows me and my colleagues Sasha Volkolvskii and Reynaldo Pinto in INLS. This photo is actually a record of an important experiment we made a couple of years ago. We coupled artificial electronic neurons to biological neurons in the pyloric network of the lobster. Hence, we created a hybrid oscillatory circuit of living and electronic neurons. This has been an efficient and elegant way of studying pattern generation, chaotic dynamics, regularization and synchronization in small neural assemblies. We also investigate information transfer between bursting neurons, the structure and modulation of their firing patterns. Check out the Publications page for more details.