Publications from Attila Szücs
Selected Publications
Szűcs A, Selverston AI. (2006) Consistent dynamics suggests tight regulation of biophysical parameters in a small network of bursting neurins. J. Neurobiol. in press.

Denker M, Szűcs A, Pinto RD, Abarbanel HDI, Selverston AI. (2005) A network of electronic neural oscillators reproduces the dynamics of the periodically forced pyloric pacemaker group. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. 52: 792-798.

Szűcs A, Abarbanel HDI, Rabinovich MI, Selverston AI. (2005) Dopamine modulation of spike dy
namics in bursting neurons. Eur. J. Neurosci. 21: 763-772.

űcs A, Vehovszky Á, Molnár G, Pinto RD, Abarbanel HDI. (2004) Reliability and precision of neural spike timing: simulation of spectrally broadband synaptic inputs. Neuroscience 126: 1063-1073.

űcs A, Pinto RD, Rabinovich MI, Abarbanel HD, and Selverston AI. (2003) Synaptic modulation of the interspike interval signatures of bursting pyloric neurons. J Neurophysiol 89: 1363-1377.

Szűcs A, Elson RC, Rabinovich MI, Abarbanel HD, Selverston AI. (2001) Nonlinear behavior of sinusoidally forced pyloric pacemaker neurons. J Neurophysiol  85: 1623-1638.

Pinto RD, Elson RC, Szűcs A, Rabinovich MI, Selverston AI, Abarbanel HD. (2001) Extended dynamic clamp: controlling up to four neurons using a single desktop computer and interface. J Neurosci Methods 108: 39-48.

Szűcs A, Varona P, Volkovskii AR, Abarbanel HD, Rabinovich MI, Selverston AI. (2000) Interacting biological and electronic neurons generate realistic oscillatory rhythms. Neuroreport  11: 563-569.

Selverston AI, Rabinovich MI, Abarbanel
HD, Elson R, Szűcs A, Pinto RD, Huerta R, Varona P. (2000) Reliable circuits from irregular neurons: a dynamical approach to understanding central pattern generators. J Physiol Paris 94: 357-374.

Pinto RD, Varona P, Volkovskii AR, Szűcs A, Abarbanel HD, Rabinovich MI. (2000) Synchronous behavior of two coupled electronic neurons. Phys Rev E Stat Phys Plasmas Fluids Relat Interdiscip Topics 62: 2644-2656.

Molnár G, Szűcs A, Rózsa KS. (2000) Analysis and modulation of spike trains and oscillations in identified neural network of Lymnaea stagnalis L. Acta Biol Hung 51: 231-235.

Szűcs A, Molnár G, Rózsa K. (1999) Periodic and oscillatory firing patterns in identified nerve cells of Lymnaea stagnalis L. Acta Biol Hung 50: 269-278.

Szűcs A. (1998) Applications of the spike density function in analysis of neuronal firing patterns. J Neurosci Methods 81: 159-167.

Szűcs A, Rózsa KS, Salánki J. (1998) Presynaptic modulation of Lymnaea neurons evoked by computer-generated spike trains. Neuroreport 9: 2737-2742.

Szűcs A, Angiello C, Salánki J, Carpenter DO. (1997) Effects of inorganic mercury and methylmercury on the ionic currents of cultured rat hippocampal neurons. Cell Mol Neurobiol 17: 273-288.

Rózsa K, Rubakhin SS, Szűcs A, Hughes TK, Stefano GB. (1997) Opposite effects of interleukin-2 and interleukin-4 on GABA-induced inward currents of dialysed Lymnaea neurons. Gen Pharmacol 29: 73-77.

Rubakhin SS, Szűcs A, Rózsa KS. (1996) Characterization of the GABA response on identified dialysed Lymnaea neurons. Gen Pharmacol 27: 731-739.

Szűcs A, Rubakhin SS, Stefano GB, Hughes TK, Rózsa KS. (1995) Interleukin-4 potentiates voltage-activated Ca-currents in Lymnaea neurons. Acta Biol Hung 46: 351-362.

Szűcs A. (1994) Characterization and decomposition of voltage-activated ionic currents using a fitting numerical method. J Neurosci Methods 51: 155-162.

Szűcs A, Salánki J, Rózsa KS. (1994) Effects of chronic exposure to cadmium- or lead-enriched environments on ionic currents of identified neurons in Lymnaea stagnalis L. Cell Mol Neurobiol 14: 769-780.

Stefano GB, Leung MK, Szűcs A, Rózsa K, Smith EM, Hughes TK, Ottaviani E, Franceschi C, Duvaux-Miret O, Capron A, et al. (1994) Autoimmunoregulation and the importance of opioid peptides. Ann N Y Acad Sci 712: 92-101.

Szűcs A, Stefano GB, Hughes TK, Rózsa KS. (1992) Modulation of voltage-activated ion currents on identified neurons of Helix pomatia L. by interleukin-1. Cell Mol Neurobiol 12: 429-438.
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