Spike train analysis software by Attila Szücs
Orbital Spike 4
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Orbital Spike is a tool for time series analysis. It contains a wide range of methods to analyze data from point processes such as spike arrival times, heart beats or other behavioral episodes. I optimized this program for spike trains but it works with other types of data, too.

The program can analyze up to 8 channels recorded simultaneously each containing a maximum of 132,000 events (spikes). Assuming an average firing rate of 10 Hz for a neuron, you can then analyze a time series of approximately 3 and half hours long.

There are up to 8 panels shown in the Orbital Spike desktop. The panels will contain the kind of data of interest. The graphs are associated with a bunch of parameters like window width, bin size, resolution, delay etc. All these parameters are listed in the parameter box, which appears on the right side of the desktop. It is pretty easy to change the parameters and what is nice, the corresponding graph(s) will be recalculated immediately. You can also use a dialog box to change parameters.
There are a lot of functions, statistics, graphs and diagrams available. A few of them below:
Demo version of the program is available. The demo program is free to use and it performs most of the calculations and operations like the full version. You can contact me if you need further information.
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