The guesthouse is located right on the shore of Lake Balaton; in a picturesque area with a beautiful park, from which you can see the breath-taking view of the Abbey. There are 17 rooms in the guesthouse, of which 2 are suite, 8 are twobed rooms and 7 are triple rooms, which means that altogether 42 people can be accommodated comfortably. Each room has got a bathroom with a shower except for the suites, in which there are baths. There is a fridge, a TV and a telephone in every room; and those which overlook the lake have got air-conditioning as well.

The guesthouse has got its own cuisine, so breakfast or half-board are also available. 60 people can be seated there at a time; if there happen to be more than 60 people; service can be done in turns or if the weather is fine, meals can be taken on the terrace. In case the weather is bad, further tables can be put in the hall of the guesthouse.

On request, the restaurant can also serve as the venue of receptions or parties. Furthermore, the restaurant can host family occasions and other meetings, or even groups making an excursion in the area.

There is self-catering as well, so our guests can prepare their own meals too. As another option, our outdoor barbecue offers an opportunity for our guests to have a nice evening program.

We have got an air-conditioned meeting room (with a capacity of 100 people) which is ideal for conferences and meetings, since it has got all the necessary modern devices (Internet access, projector, OHP, slide-projector, video recorder, DVD-player).

The Institute has got its own beach which offers an opportunity to relax and do water sports. The beach is free for our guests.

Those who get to us by car can use the 24-hour guarded free car park.

Tihany and the surrounding picturesque area have many geological curiosities, historical monuments, natural treasures, as well as a special flora and fauna. Some of the sights are: The Benedictine Abbey and Museum, the Doll Museum, the Open-Air Museum of Ethnography, the Marzipan Museum, the exhibition of wax-works and the Pirate Museum, the Echo Hill, the Calvary Hill, the Knoll-graves, the Calvinist Church, the belfry, the Inner Lake, the Outer Lake, etc.

Other possible free time activities might include: boat trips, sailing, fishing and wine-tasting or taking part in various programs organised and offered by Tihany.




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