Andrew HAMER, PhD

andrew.hamer [at]
+36 87 448 244/ 221
Brief description of the main scopes: 

I am currently investigating the effects of landscape fragmentation on freshwater biodiversity, concentrating on amphibians as model organisms. I am using linear infrastructures such as major roads and railways to test hypotheses concerning their effects on amphibian dispersal and occupancy in ponds and wetlands. I also examine how amphibian communities are shaped at local and regional scales by climatic factors such as water availability and the presence of aquatic predators such as invasive fishes.

I use Bayesian inference to analyse patterns and processes in freshwater communities at multiple spatial scales, and am currently developing multi-species occupancy models to demonstrate how individual amphibian species and communities respond to local and landscape variables. The ultimate aim of using these models is to make predictions of how freshwater biodiversity responds to anthropogenic impacts and to produce effective conservation management strategies.

Main profile in keywords: 
frogs, amphibians, conservation, wildlife, turtle, urbanisation