takacs.peter [at] blki.hu
+36 87 448-244 / 132
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Ichthyological and hydrobiological studies on rivulets and streams. Research of anthropogenic impacts on fish fauna. Morphometric and genetic studies on native and introduced fish species.

Main profile in keywords: 
native and introduced fish species, ichtyology, morphometric and genetic studies
Selected publications:


Maasz G, Mayer M, Zrinyi Z, Molnar E, Kuzma M, Fodor I, Pirger Z, Takacs P (2019): Spatiotemporal variations of pharmacologically active compounds in surface waters of a summer holiday destination Science of the Total Environment 677:545–555
Takács P, Ács A, Bánó B., Czeglédi I., Csaba J., Erős T., Fésűs-Móré M., Preiszner B., Staszny Á., Vitál Z., Weiperth A., Ferincz Á. (2019): “Invasion in progress”: first occurrence and spread of river nerite (Theodoxus fluviatilis, L. 1758) in the largest Central European shallow lake, Lake Balaton, Hungary. BIOINVASIONS RECORDS


Takács P, Czeglédi I, Ferincz Á, Sály P, Specziár A, Vitál Z, Weiperth A, Erős T (2017): Non-native fish species in Hungarian waters: historical overview, potential sources and recent trends in their distribution. Hydrobiologia 795(1):1-22


Takács P, Vitál Z, Ferincz Á, Staszny Á (2016): Subjectivity of Different Fish Morphometric Analysis Methods PLoS ONE, 11(6), e0157890