Ildikó SZIVÁK, PhD

szivak.ildiko [at]
+36 87 448-244 / 132
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Ecology of stream macroinvertebrates: the role of spatial constraints and environmental variability in the organization of stream macroinvertebrates; relationship between local abundance and regional distribution of species in different habitat types and spatial scales;
Effect of urbanization and landuse on the structure of macroinvertebrate communities
Experimental stream channels
Ecological speciation of caddisflies

Main profile in keywords: 
stream ecology, freshwater macroinvertebrates, metacommunity, lotic systems, ecological speciation
Selected publications:


Szivák I, Mikes T, Szalontai B, Kučinić M, Vučković I, Vadkerti E, Kisfalvi P, Pauls S U, Bálint M (2017): Ecological divergence of Chaetopteryx rugulosa species complex (Insecta, Trichoptera) linked to climatic niche diversification Hydrobiologia 794: 31–47



Szivák I., Móra A., Méhes N., Bereczki Cs., Ortmann-Ajkai A., Csabai Z. (2013): Highly variable abiotic environment induced changes in taxonomic and functional composition of headwater chironomid assemblages within a small mountain range. Fundamental and Applied Limnology 182: pp. 323–335.