Gergely BOROS, PhD

research group leader, senior research fellow
boros.gergely [at]
+36 87 448-244 / 226, 125
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Nutrient dynamics in freshwater ecosystems, ecological stoichiometry;
Biomanipulation of shallow lakes, lake restoration;
Role of fish in nutrient (carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus) cycling;
Ecological impacts of introduced filter feeding Asian carps

Main profile in keywords: 
ecological stoichiometry, mesocosm experiments, nutrient dynamics, freshwater ecosystems
Selected publications:


Mozsár A, Specziár A, Battonyai I, Borics G, Görgényi J, Horváth H, Kovács B, Lehoczky I, Présing M, G.-Tóth L, Vitál Z, Boros G (2017): Influence of environmental factors and individual traits on the diet of non-native hybrid bigheaded carps (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix × H. nobilis) in Lake Balaton, Hungary. Hydrobiologia 794: 317-332.


Boros G, Takács P, Vanni MJ (2015): The fate of phosphorus in decomposing fish carcasses: A mesocosm experiment FRESHWATER BIOLOGY 60(3): pp. 479-489.
Boros G., Sály P., Vanni M.J. (2015): Ontogenetic variation in the body stoichiometry of two fish species OECOLOGIA 179: pp. 329-341.
Vitál Z, Specziár A, Mozsár A, Takács P, Borics G, Görgényi J, G -Tóth L, Nagy SA, Boros G (2015): Applicability of gill raker filtrates and foregut contents in the diet assessment of filter-feeding Asian carps FUNDAMENTAL AND APPLIED LIMNOLOGY Accepted


Vanni, M. J., Boros, G., McIntyre, P. B. (2013): When are fish sources versus sinks of nutrients in lake ecosystems? Ecology 94 (10): 2195-2206.