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Brief description of the main scopes: 

I graduated as Biology and Geography teacher, during which my graduation work involved conservation ecology of birds, focused on the effects of habitat fragmentation. After a bit of teaching career I returned to the field of avian research and joined the Ornithology Research Group at the University of Pannonia as a PhD student. My thesis work focused on the effect of innovative behaviour on social and breeding success of birds (house sparrows and great tits as model species). Currently I work at the lab of Tibor Erős at BLI, Tihany, where my present day’s leading research interest is the foraging behaviour of freshwater fish and crayfish, with special regards to scavenging behaviour and its effects on nutrient cycle. Besides, I join the ongoing projects of the lab discovering various ecological aspects of fish assemblages, and I still participate in bird migration research (e.g. exploring migration routes of inland breeding common terns).

Main profile in keywords: 
behavioural ecology, evolution, bird migration
Selected publications:


Pipoly, I., Szabó, K., Bókony, V., Preiszner, B., Seress, G., Vincze, E., Schroeder, J, Liker, A. (2019): Higher frequency of extra-pair offspring in urban than forest broods of great tits (Parus major) bioRxiv (2019): 526194.


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Preiszner, B., Papp, S., Pipoly, I., Seress, G., Vincze, E., Liker, A. & Bókony, V. (2017): Problem-solving performance and reproductive success of great tits in urban and forest habitats. Animal Cognition 20: 53-63.


Preiszner, B., Papp, S., Vincze, E., Bókony, V. & Liker, A. (2015): Does innovation success influence social interactions? An experimental test in house sparrows. Ethology 121: 661-673.


Bókony, V., Lendvai, Á.Z., Vágási, I.Cs., Pătraş, L., Pap, P.L., Németh, J., Vincze, E., Papp, S., Preiszner, B., Seress, G. & Liker, A. (2014): Necessity or capacity? Physiological state predicts problem-solving performance in house sparrows. Behavioral Ecology 25: 124-135.