deputy director of applied research, scientific advisor
specziar.andras [at]
+36 87 448-244 / 223
Brief description of the main scopes: 
  • Feeding ecology of fish, mainly ontogenetic dietary switches and their influences on intra- and interspecific food partitioning, spatio-temporal patterns (e.g. Specziár & Erős 2014 Hydrobiologia; Specziár 2011, J. Fish Biol.; Specziár & Rezsu 2009, J. Fish Biol.; Specziár 2002a,b, J. Fish Biol.).
  • Organisation of fish assemblages and methodological problems of fish monitoring in shallow lakes (e.g. Specziár et al. 2013, J. Fish Biol.; Specziár et al. 2012, Fish. Res.; Specziár et al. 2009, Int. J. Limnol.).
  • Fisheries management, primarily recruitment and stocking efficiency of native freshwater game fishes (e.g. Specziár & Turcsányi 2018, KMAE; Specziár & Turcsányi 2017, KMAE; Specziár & Turcsányi 2014, J. Appl. Ichthiol.; Specziár 2010, Acta Biol. Debr. – Hydrobiological Monographs)
  • Factor influencing organization of chironomid metacommunities (e.g. Specziár et al. 2018, Hydrobiologia; Árva et al. 2017, Hydrobiologia; Árva et al. 2015, Hydrobiologia; Tóth et al. 2012, Eur. J. Entomol.; Specziár & Vörös 2001, Arch. Hydrobiol.).
Main profile in keywords: 
ecology of fish assemblages, feeding ecology of fish, ecology of chironomid assemblages
Selected publications: