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Lajos Vörös MSc, Ph.D., DSc
scientific adviser
Institute Building A, room 103
tel: +36 87 448244 ext №118
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Balaton Limnological Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Tihany


scientific adviser


senior research fellow


research fellow


assistant research fellow


Regional Water Authority, Pécs







Candidate of biological sciences (Ph.D)


József Attila University, Szeged, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Graduate of biology and chemistry.


assistant research fellow



International Association for Theoretical and Applied Limnology (SIL)
Secretary of the Hungarian National Committee for the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS)
Hungarian Algological Society
Hungarian Hydrological Society
Hungarian Biological Society
Hydrobiological Committee of the HAS
Botanical Committee of the HAS
Editorial Board of Acta Botanica Croatica.
Advisory board of LakeNet.

156 publications, over 220 lectures

  Research Area

Limnology, phytoplankton, picoplankton, cyanobacteria, phytobenthos, microbial food web

  Research Description

Investigation of the eutrophication of Lake Balaton, response of phytoplankton community structure, dynamics and primary production to the nutrient load increase.

Studies on the bloom forming cyanobacteria in Lake Balaton.

Studies on the nuisance blooms of Cladophora glomerata in Lake Balaton

Investigation of phototrophic picoplankton in Hungarian freshwater and saline shallow lakes, determination of their abundance, biomass and primary production.

Investigation of the microbial food web in Lake Balaton.

Investigation of the ecological impact of the filter feeding fish in shallow lakes.

Investigation of the biomass, species composition and primary production of phytobenthos in Lake Balaton.

  Selected Publications

VÖRÖS, L. & J. NÉMETH (1980) Changes in the structure of phytoplankton in Lake Balaton as a result of eutrophication. In: DOKULIL, M., H. METZ & D. JEWSON (Eds), Dr. W. Junk Publishers, Yhe Hague, Developments in Hydrobiology 3: 73-79

VÖRÖS, L. & J. PADISÁK (1991) Phytoplankton biomass and chlorophyll-a in some shallow lakes in central Europe. Hydrobiologia 215: 111-119.

VÖRÖS, L. (1991) Importance of picoplankton in Hungarian shallow lakes. Verh. internat. Verein. Limnol. 24: 984-988.

VÖRÖS, L., P. GULYÁS & J. NÉMETH (1991) Occurrence, dynamics and production of picoplankton in Hungarian shallow lakes. Int. Revue ges. Hydrobiol. 76: 617-629.

VÖRÖS, L. & P. NAGY GÖDE (1993) Long term changes of phytoplankton in Lake Balaton (Hungary) Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 25: 682-686.

VÖRÖS, L., K. V.-BALOGH. & S. HERODEK (1996) Microbial food web in a large shallow lake (Lake Balaton, Hungary). Hydrobiologia 339: 57-65.

V.-BALOGH, K. & L VÖRÖS (1997) High bacterial production in hypertophic shallow reservoirs rich in humic substances. Hydrobiologia 342/343: 63-70.

PRÉSING, M., K. V.-BALOGH, L. VÖRÖS & H. M. SHAFIK (1997) Relative nitrogen deficiency without occurrence of nitrogen fixing blue-green algae in a hypertrophic reservoir. Hydrobiologia 342/343: 55-61.

VÖRÖS, L., I. OLDAL, M. PRÉSING & K. V.-BALOGH (1997) Size-selective filtration and taxon-specific digestion of plankton algae by silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Val.) Hydrobiologia 342/343: 223-228.

VÖRÖS, L., C. CALLIERI, K. V.-BALOGH & R. BERTONI (1998) Freshwater picocyanobacteria along a trophic gradient and light quality range. Hydrobiologia 369/370: 117-125.

JUHOS, SZ. & L. VÖRÖS (1998) Structural changes during europhication of Lake Balaton, Hungary, as revealed by the Zipf-Mandelbrot model. Hydrobiologia 369/370: 237-242.

KONCZ E., K. V.-BALOGH & L. VÖRÖS (1998) Bacterioplankton in a River-Reservoir-Lake System. Int. Revue ges. Hydrobiol. 83:(Spec. Issue) 155-162.

PRÉSING, M., L. VÖRÖS, S. HERODEK & GY. ABRUSÁN (1998) The significance of various nitrogen sources for phytoplankton growth in shallow lake and hypertrophic reservoir. Int. Revue ges. Hydrobiol. 83:(Spec. Issue) 361-368.

VÖRÖS, L., M. PRÉSING, K. V.-BALOGH & I. OLDAL (1998) Nutrient removal efficiency of a pollution control reservoir. Int. Revue ges. Hydrobiol. 83:(Spec. Issue) 665-672.

VÖRÖS, L., K. V.-BALOGH, S. HERODEK & K. T. KISS (2000) Underwater light conditions, phytoplankton photosynthesis and bacterioplankton production in the Hungarian section of the River Danube. Large Rivers 11, No. 4. Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. 115/4: 511-532.

SPECZIÁR A. & L. VÖRÖS (2001) Long-term dynamics of Lake Balaton’s chironomid fauna and its dependence on the phytoplankton production. Arch. Hydrobiol. 152: 119-142.

VÖRÖS, L., K. V.-BALOGH, E. KONCZ. & A. KOVÁCS (2003) Phytoplankton and bacterioplankton production in a reed-covered water body. Aquatic Botany 77: 99-110.

VÖRÖS L. & V.-BALOGH K. (2003) Photoautotrophic picoplankton of the natron lakes in the Danube-Tisza Interfluve. Természetvédelmi Közlemények 10: 35-39.(In Hungarian with English summary)

PÁLFFY, K. & L. VÖRÖS (2003) Effect of ultraviolet radiation on phytoplankton primary production in Lake Balaton. Hydrobiologia 506: 289-296.

  Major Projects

“Productivity and diversity of phytoplankton in picoplankton dominated water bodies” Hungarian Scientific Research Fund


“Phytoplankton and phytobenthos in Lake Balaton” Office of the Prime Minister.


“Role of iron in algal development” Office of the Prime Minister.


Role of microbial communities in water quality formation of Lake Balaton Office of the Prime Minister.


Characterization of Hungarian picoplankton organisms and populations with limnological and molecular methods” Hungarian Scientific Research Fund


“Investigation of factors affecting growth and toxicity of blue-green algae” Ministry for Environment and Regional Policy  

  Travels, work abroad

Work in different research institutes on different water bodies in different projects.
Armenia - Sevan Hydrobiological Station, Sevan
Cuba - “Zapata project”
Denmark - Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Copenhagen
Egypt - Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Aswan
Germany - University of Leipzig, Leipzig
Italy - Italian Institute of Hydrobiology, Pallanza
Norvay - Norvegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo
Russia - Institute for Biology of Inland Waters, Borok
Ukraine - Institute of Hydrobiology, Kiev
USA - Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole

Participation on 25 international conferences

1987 - Academy Prize