András Specziár - Senior Research Fellow


András Specziár MSc, Ph.D.
senior research fellow
Institute Building A, room 005
tel: +36 87 448244 ext №223
fax: +36 87 448 006

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Birth:                  1970


1994 -

M.Sc. (biology) Loránd Eötvös Science University

2000 -

Ph.D. (zoology-hydrobiology) Loránd Eötvös Science University


1994 - 

Balaton Limnological Research Institute of the HAS

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  Research Area

Feeding ecology of fish, population dynamics of fish, ecology of 0+ fish, dynamics of bethic chironomids

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  Research Description

Between 1995 and 2002 I studied some aspects of the ecology of benthic chironomid larvae in Lake Balaton. This work concerned spatio-temporal patterns of community structure, abundance and production, and life history patterns of the dominant species. I also examined the long term relationship between the chironomid community and the phytoplankton.

In 1995-1999 I studied the feeding ecology and the population dynamics of five cyprinid species - carp, common bream, gibel, roach and white bream - in Lake Balaton. This project concerned seasonal and habitat dependent patterns of the diet, the effect of temperature on gut evacuation rates, daily-, monthly- and annual consumption rates, and growth.

Recently (1999-) I study the abundance, survival and feeding ecology (with special reference to the ontogenetic processes) of juvenile fish in Lake Balaton. Main species involved in this project are the pikeperch, Volga pikeperch, common bream and roach.

Some other projects in which I participated dealt with the monitoring of the fish fauna of Lake Balaton and its inflows, and with the life history pattern and feeding ecology of eastern mosquitofish in Lake Hévíz.

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  Selected Publications

SPECZIÁR, A. (1995). Effects of the diversion of the Danube on two ruffe species in the Szigetköz area. Miscnea zool. hung. 10: 99-102.

SPECZIÁR A. & VIDA A. (1995). Comparative study of Gymnocephalus cernuus (Linnaeus, 1758) and G. baloni Holcik et Hensel, 1974 (Pisces, Percidae). Miscnea zool. hung. 10: 103-116.

SPECZIÁR A., TÖLG L. & BÍRÓ P. (1997). Feeding strategy and growth of cyprinids in the littoral zone of Lake Balaton. J. Fish Biol. 51: 1109-1124.

SPECZIÁR A. & BÍRÓ P. (1998). Spatial distribution and short-term changes of benthic macrofauna in Lake Balaton (Hungary). Hydrobiologia 389: 203-216.

SPECZIÁR A., BÍRÓ P. & TÖLG L. (1998). Feeding and competition of five cyprinid species in different habitats of the littoral zone in Lake Balaton. Ital. J. Zool. 65 (Suppl.): 331-336.

FARKAS A., SALÁNKI J., SPECZIÁR A. & VARANKA I. (2001). Metal pollution as health indicator of lake ecosystems. Int. J. Occup. Med. Environ. Health 14: 163-170.

SPECZIÁR A. & VÖRÖS L. (2001). Long term dynamics of Lake Balaton's chironomid fauna and its dependence on the phytoplankton production. Arch. Hydrobiol. 152: 119-142.

BÍRÓ P., SPECZIÁR A. & KERESZTESSY K. (2002). Fish species assemblages in inflowing waters of Lake Balaton. Verh. Int. Verein. Limnol. 28: 273-278.

FARKAS A., SALÁNKI J. & SPECZIÁR A. (2002) Relation between growth and the heavy metal concentration in organs of bream Abramis brama L. populating Lake Balaton. Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 43: 236-243.

SPECZIÁR A. (2002). In situ estimates of gut evacuation and its dependence on the temperature in five cyprinids. J. Fish Biol. 60: 1235-1249.

SPECZIÁR A. (2002). An in situ estimate of food consumption of five cyprinid species in Lake Balaton. J. Fish Biol. 60: 1250-1264.

FARKAS A., SALÁNKI J., & SPECZIÁR A. (2003). Age- and size specific patterns of haevy metals in the organs of freshwater fish Abramis brama L. populating a low contaminated site. Water Res. 37: 959-964

SPECZIÁR A. & BÍRÓ P. (2003). Population structure and feeding characteristics of Volga pikeperch, Sander volgensis (Pisces, Percidae), in Lake Balaton. Hydrobiologia 506-509: 503-510.

BÍRÓ P., SPECZIÁR A. & KERESZTESSY K. (2003). Diversity of fish species assemblages distributed on the drainage area of Lake Balaton (Hungary). Hydrobiologia 506-509: 459-464.

SPECZIÁR A. (2004). Life history pattern and feeding ecology of introduced eastern mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki, in a thermal spa under temperate climate, of Lake Hévíz, Hungary. Hydrobiologia 522: 249-260.

SPECZIÁR A. (2005). First year ontogenetic diet patterns in two coexisting Sander species, S. lucioperca and S. volgensis, in Lake Balaton. Hydrobiologia 549: 115-130.

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  Major Projects


"Feeding ecology of common carp and its potential competitors in Lake Balaton", Ministry of Agriculture, Fund for Fisheries Development.


"Macrobenthos of Lake Balaton", Office of the Prime Minister.


"The common bream population of Lake Balaton", Ministry of Agriculture, Fund for Fisheries Development.


"Investigation of the juveniles of some fish species with fishing or angling impacts in Lake Balaton", Ministry of Agriculture, Fund for Fisheries Development.


"Ecological role of benthic chironomid larvae (Chironomidae, Diptera) in Lake Balaton", Office of the Prime Minister and Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


"Investigation of the natural recruitment of common bream and pikeperch populations in Lake Balaton", Ministry of Agriculture, Fund for Fisheries Development.


"Feeding strategy, trophic relationships, growth and survival of juveniles of native fish species in Lake Balaton" Hungarian Academy of Sciences


"Ontogenetic diet shifts and their effects on growth and food resource partioning in fish in Lake Balaton" Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA)

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