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Sándor Herodek MSc, PhD, DSc
scientific advisor
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19 March 1935, Budapest



Academic degrees

Diploma in Biology and Chemistry (Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, Hungary)


Dr. Univ. (Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, Hungary)


Candidate of biological science – equivalent to Ph.D. (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)


Doctor of Biological Science (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)


Junior research fellow of the Balaton Limnological Research Institute of HAS


Research fellow of the Balaton Limnological Research Institute of HAS


Senior research fellow of the Balaton Limnological Research Institute of HAS


Director of the Balaton Limnological Research Institute of HAS

Memberships in Scientific Committees


Ecological Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Hydrobiological Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


UNESCO MAB Hungarian Committee


UNESCO Hungarian Subcommittee of Natural Sciences


Academic Committee of Veszprém of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Hungarian Committee of Accreditation


Advisory Board for Life Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Committee of Life Sciences of the Hungarian National Research Found

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  Research Area

Lake eutrophication.

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  Research Description

From 1957 to 1971 he studied the lipid metabolism of aquatic organisms. Between 1972 and 1977 he measured the in situ primary production of the phytoplankton in Lake Balaton. In 1976 he started, the mathematical modelling of the eutrophication of Lake Balaton in cooperation with the biomathematiceans of the Computer and Automation Institute of HAS. This work was continued as a IIASA project.

Since 1982 he is leading a team dealing with limnological aspects of eutrophication. Field measurements and laboratory experiments are conducted using chemical measurements and isotope techniques, lake renclosures, chemostats and other cultures etc. to study the phosphorus and nitrogen cycling among inorganic and organic dissolved compounds in the water, the different phytoplankton groups, bacterioplankton, other microbes and the sediment.

Results of this work have been used in a successful water quality restoration project.
Recently he started studies into the reed die-back and the ecological consequences of water level changes in Lake Balaton.

He is author of 119 scientific publications.

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  Selected Publications

Herodek S. (1984) The eutrophication of Lake Balaton: Measurements, modelling and management. Verh. Internat. Verein Limnol. 22, 1087-1091.

Herodek S., Máté F. (1985) Eutrophication and its reversibility in Lake Balaton. Proc. Shiga Conference on Conservation and Management of World Lake Environment, 95-102.

Istvánovics V., Herodek S. (1985) Ortophosphate uptake of planktonic microorganisms in Lake Balaton. Hydrobiologia 122, 159-166.

Herodek S. (1986) Phytoplankton changes during eutrophication and P and N metabolism. In: Somlyódy L., G. Van Straten (eds.) Modeling and Managing Shallow Lake Eutrophication – With Application to Lake Balaton, Springer Verlag 183-203.

Herodek S., Istvánovics V. (1986) Mobility of phosphorus fractions in the sediments of Lake Balaton. Hydrobiologia 135, 149-154.

Kutas T., Herodek S. (1987) Effects of load reduction on the water quality of a large shallow lake. Ecological Modelling 39, 85-99.

Herodek S., Istvánovics V., Zlinszky J. (1988) Phosphorus metabolism and eutrophication control of Lake Balaton. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 23, 517-521.

Herodek S., Laczkó L., Virág Á. (1988) Lake Balaton: research and management. Nexus Nyomda, Budapest, 1-110.

Herodek S., Tátrai I., Oláh J., Vörös L. (1989) Feeding experiments with silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) fry. Aquaculture 83, 331-344.

Istvánovics V., Herodek S. (1995) Estimation of net uptake and leakage rates of orthophosphate from 32P uptake kinetics by a linear force-flow model. Limnol. Oceanogr. 40, 17-32.

Herodek S., Istvánovics V., Jolánkai G., Csathó P., Németh T., Várallyay Gy. (1995) P-cycle in the Balaton catchment – a Hungarian case study. In: Thiessen H. (ed.) Phosphorus in the Global Environment. John Wiley and Sons Ltd. pp. 275-300.

Herodek S. (1996) Limnology and water quality control of Lake Balaton in Hungary. In: Nath B., I. Láng, E. Mészáros, J. P. Robinson and L. Hens (eds.) Proc. Internat. Conference on Environmental Pollution, Akaprint Press 1, 381-388.

Vörös L., V.-Balogh K., Herodek S. (1996) Microbial food web in a large shallow lake (Lake Balaton, Hungary). Hydrobiologia 339, 57-65.

Shafik H. M., Herodek S., Vörös L., Présing M., Kiss K. T. (1997) Growth of Cyclotella meneghiniana Kutz I. Effects of temperature, light and low rate of nutrient supply. Annls. Limnol. 33, 139-147.

Istvánovics V., Kovács A., Vörös L., Herodek S., Pomogyi P. (1997) Phosphorus cycling in a large, reconstructed wetland, the Lower Kis-Balaton Reservoir (Hungary). Verh. Internat. Verein Limnol. 26, 323-329.

Présing M., Vörös L., Herodek S., Abrusán Gy. (1998) The significance of various nitrogen sources for phytoplankton growth in shallow lake and hypertrophic reservoir. Int. Revue ges. Hydrobiol. 83, 361-368.

Présing M., Herodek S., Vörös L., Preston T., Abrusán Gy. (1999) Nitrogen uptake by summer phytoplankton in Lake Balaton. Arch. Hydrobiol. 145, 93-110.

Vörös L., V.-Balogh K., Herodek S., Kiss K. T. (1999) Underwater light conditions, phytoplankton photosynthesis and bacterioplankton production in the Hungarian section of the River Danube. Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. 115, 511-532.

Herodek S. (2001) Watershed development and eutrophication control of Lake Balaton. In: Making global freshwater mandates work: Conference proceedings: 9th International Conference on the Conservation and Management of Lakes, Biwako (Japan), 2001, 3C/D-P60 (3D-O06), 489-492.

Herodek S., Tóth V., Présing M. (2001) A makrofitonok elterjedését befolyásoló tényezők a Balatonban II. A 2000. évi kutatások eredményei. In: Mahunka S., Banczerowski J.-né (szerk.). A Balaton Kutatásának 2000. Évi Eredményei. Budapest, MTA, 98-106.

Présing M., Herodek S., Preston T., Vörös L. (2001) Nitrogen uptake and the importance of internal nitrogen loading in Lake Balaton. Freshwater Biology 46, 125-139.

Shafik H. M., Herodek S., Présing M., Vörös L. (2001) Factors effecting growth and cell composition of cyanoprocaryote Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (Woloszynska) Seenayya et Subba Raju. Archiv für Hydrobiologie Suppl. 140=Algological studies, 103, 75-93.

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  Major Projects - Principal investigator

Study of the sediment, vegetation and phytoplankton of the Marcali-water reservoir (Transdanubian Water Authority)


The role of sediment in the eutrophication of Lake Balaton (Hungarian National Research Fund, OTKA)


 Measurement of the mobile phosphorus fraction by isotope technique in the sediments of Lake Balaton (Transdanubian Water Authority)


 Nutrient retention of the Kis-Balaton Reservoir (Transdanubian Water Authority)


 Microbial interactions in Lake Balaton (Hungarian National Research Fund, OTKA)


 Ammonium and nitrate uptake of phytoplankton in Lake Balaton (Hungarian National Research Fund, OTKA)


 Organic matter cycling in the Lower Kis-Balaton Reservoir (Balaton Project of the Office of Prime Minister)


 Factors, effecting the distribution of macrophytes in Lake Balaton (Balaton Project of the Office of Prime Minister)

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  Travels, work abroad

Germany (1962, 1979, 1983, 1989); Italy (1963, 1964, 1965, 1985); Poland (1972); Russia (1977); Denmark (1977); Austria (1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1986); Bohemia (1979); Sweden (1979, 1982); USA (1982, 1986); France (1983); Japan (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2001); Egypt (1986); New Zealand (1987); England (1989); China (1990); Spain (1992); Finland (1995); Turkey (2001); Australia (2001).

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