+   Anna Farkas - Senior Research Fellow

Anna Farkas MSc, Ph.D.,
senior research fellow
Institute Building A, room 107
tel: +36 87 448244 ext №120
fax: +36 87 448006

Research Area
Research Description
Selected Publications

Major Projects


Traian Vuia University (Timisoara, Romania), Diploma in Chemistry, No.: C-9925/18-985


PhD graduate, University of Veszprém, field of environmental chemistry

Work experience

research fellow, Balaton Limnological Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Tihany);


assistant research fellow, Balaton Limnological Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Tihany);


research associate, Balaton Limnological Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Tihany).

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  Research Area

Ecological risk assessment of environmental pollutants in freshwater ecosystems

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  Research Description

Screening-level risk assessment of pollutants (SLRA), with special reference to heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls. Proper site models are used to identify the stressor sources, pathways and fate of stressors of potential concern. The distribution and temporal variation of contaminants is assessed through measurements on chemical concentrations in biological material (selected biological indicator organisms).

Toxic effect assessment of pollutants: comprising hazard identification, dose-response assessment and exposure assessment. For this purpose, laboratory tests were elaborated to study primarily the effects or chronic no-observed effects concentrations (EC50 or NOEC) of compounds. The fate of pollutants is assessed through the level of disturbances evoked in the valve movement, pumping behavior and the filtration rate of bivalves, and through studies focused on the determination of the bioavailability and the bioaccumulation dynamics of contaminants in bivalves.

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  Selected Publications

Kontreczky, Cs., A. Farkas, J. Nemcsók and J. Salánki, (1997). Short- and long-term effects of deltamethrin on filtering activity of freshwater mussel (Anodonta cygnaea L.). Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 38, 195 - 199. IF 1,252

Salánki, J., Cs. Kontreczky and A. Farkas (1997). Monitoring the effects of deltamethrin by freshwater mussel (Anodonta cygnaea L.). - Pharmacology and Toxicology, Vol. 80, Suppl. III., p. 42. IF 0,925

Farkas A., Salánki J., Varanka I. (1998) Assessment of heavy metal concentrations in organs of two fish species of Lake Balaton. Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Section B, vol. 52. Supplement. ISSN 1407-009X, 93-99.

Salánki J., Farkas A., Kontreczky Cs., Varanka I. (1999) Possible impact of heavy metals in sudden eel mortality. - In: A. K. Mitta, F. B. Eddy and J. S. Datta Munshi (eds.) Water/Air Transition in Biology. Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Pvt.Ltd. New Delhi, India. 257-262.

Farkas A., Salánki J. (2000) Effect of PCB 118 on the filtering behaviour of the freshwater mussel Anodonta cygnaea L. - Central Eur. J. Public Health, 8 (JHEMI 44), Suppl., 30-31.

Farkas A., Salánki J., Varanka I.(2000) Heavy metal concentrations in fish of Lake Balaton. - Lakes & Reservoires: Research and Management, 5, 271-279.

Farkas A., Salánki J., Specziár A., Varanka I. (2001) Metal pollution as health indicator of lake ecosystems. - International journal of occupational medicine and environmental health, 14 (2), 163-170.

Farkas A., Salánki J., Specziár A. (2002) Relation between Growth and the Heavy Metal Concentration in Organs of Bream Abramis brama L. Populating Lake Balaton. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 43, 236-243. IF 1,301.

Farkas A., Salánki J., Specziár A. (2003) Age- and size specific patterns of heavy metals in the organs of freshwater fish Abramis brama L., populating a low contaminated site Water Research, 37(5), 959-964. IF 1,376

 Salánki, J., Farkas, A., Kamardina, T., S-Rózsa, K. (2003) Molluscs in biological monitoring of water quality. Toxicology Letters, 140-141C, 403-410.IF 1,587

Farkas A. (1993). Preparation of samples for heavy metal analyses and measuring heavy metals. In: Limnological Bases of Lake Management. Proceedings of the ILEC/UNEP International Training Course. Salánki, J., Istvánovics, V. (eds.). International Lake Environmental Committee Foundation, Shiga, Japan, pp 160 - 163.

Farkas A., Salánki, J., Varanka, I., (1999) Heavy metal pollution of fish in Lake Balaton. Sustainable Lake Management. 8th International Conference on the Conservation and Management of Lakes. Dis Congress Copenhagen A/S, Denmark.

Farkas A, Salánki J. (2001). On-line monitoring of water pollution by mussels. In: Pollution Surveillance and Control in Wetland Ecosystems. Eurolab Course Manual, Kováts, N., Szalay, T. eds., University of Veszprém, pp. 56-63.

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  Major Projects
1993 – 1996

Grants from the Research Programs of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Ecotoxicological risk assessment of heavy metal pollution in aquatic organisms: laboratory and field studies, 6094. (Principal investigator: János Salánki) – attendance –

2000 – 2003

Grants from the Research Programs of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Bioaccumulation and behavioral effects of organic pollutants on aquatic organisms, T032390 (Principal investigator: János Salánki) – attendance -

1996 – 2002

Grants from the Office of the Prime Minister - Monitoring of toxic pollutants in organisms of Lake Balaton and laboratory studies on the effect of toxic substances. (Principal investigator: János Salánki) – attendance –

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